CHRISTY TOMS -owner/trainer

I am the owner of HotBod Fitness and have been personal training and running bootcamps for over 10 years. My passions are fitness, health, nutrition and most of all, changing peoples lives.

I personally love to push myself to the limits of competing in fitness shows. I have obtained my UFE PRO STATUS in 3 different categories and I am also recently nationally qualified for CPA.


I am an outgoing, motivational and high energy individual that will push you to the limits to achieve that HotBod you want!

I expect you to have as much dedication as I do in order to work together. I like to have fun while pushing your physical limits and educating you on proper technique.

Fitness & nutrition work hand in hand, and I always make sure I am educating you on the nutritional side as well. I believe in flexible dieting and also can have personal goal planning sessions to teach you about your diet.


I have trained all my on-site trainers/staff personally and they are fully qualified and ready to help you to reach your goals!


"Personal training is an investment on your health. The more you know, the more successful you will be." ~Christy

VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY  (waitlist is available)

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11 King St, Barrie, ON L4N 6B5

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SAM LOSIER - manager/trainer

I am a certified personal trainer through Canfitpro and I am dedicated to providing you with the courage to be the best and strongest version of yourself. I will help push you to reach your fitness goals because I know that you can.


I stepped foot into the doors of HotBod fitness a year ago and many things had changed for me. I became inspired by not only the trainers, but by the supporting and encouraging community that HotBod fitness has.


I had set some goals for myself and became stronger not only physically, but mentally as well. I am a strong believer that we have the power to become what we desire so don’t wait, today is the day to start your journey.

AVAILABLE: Monday-Thursday (other days available upon request


TERESA WHITE - trainer

I am a certified Personal Trainer through Canfit pro. I will motivate, and will be by your side 100% to help you achieve your goals in a fun and encouraging way. I take pride in providing people with the confidence and the ability to be the best version of themselves.


A balanced, fit and healthy lifestyle is what we are all striving for. I want you to feel your best, and you can trust me that my success comes from yours!

I enjoy cross fit, hiking, walking, weight training and volleyball.

Lets reach your goals together!

"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will - believe in yourself and you can accomplish anything :)" ~ Teresa

Availability: Mon-Fri 830AM-5PM



I have always had a passion for fitness, and have stayed very active my whole life. I have played various sports over the years and have spent many hours in the gym.

To me, fitness is not just an activity but it is a way of life and state of mind. We all have the potential to be and do whatever we put our minds to. Let me help you reach your fitness goals.



One on One Personal Training

(1HR sessions): (+HST)

1 session: $75
4 sessions: $290 (one month)
8 sessions: $520 (one month)
10 sessions: $620 (can be spread out within 2 months)
20 sessions: $1200  (can be spread out within 3.5 months)

40 sessions $2200 (can be spread over 6 months)


Please include how many times per week you would like to train and preferred times.

Group Training

*per month* (2-3 people) 1HR


1 session: 2 people ($60 each per hour)
3 people ($50 each per hour)


4 sessions: 2 people ($200 each)
3 people ($160 each)

8 sessions: 2 people ($340 each)
3 people ($260 each)

20 sessions: 2 people ($800 each)
3 people ($550 each)

(20 sessions can be spread out within 3.5 months)

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